Regain Your Natural Energy

There are several ways to regain your natural energy.  All of these involve changing your lifestyle.  Remember - a lifestyle change doesn't have to be all bad.  In fact, the reality is, a little lifestyle change can be fun.  Here are a few ways to enhance your natural energy: Get more sleep. Reduce stress. Move more - even a little walking can improve your energy. Limit alcohol. Avoid smoking. Eat a nutritious diet. Avoid added sugar. Stay hydrated. These are a few of the most commonly agreed-upon methods for improving your health.  Another way to improve your energy, and in my estimate the easiest of all, is Energy30!  It allows your body to get what it needs to begin doing some of the other things on the list.  We hope you enjoy it!

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“Pill Fatigue,” There’s a better way!

Dietary supplement bottles have dominated kitchen counter-tops. I looked at the handful of foul-tasting pills in my hand and almost gagged. I was over it! After years of taking dietary supplements, pill fatigue had set in. I did some research and found that some people are so turned off by the thought of swallowing tablets and capsules that they reject dietary supplements completely. They would rather trade their quality of life and quantity of years for freedom from what I was experiencing. Although I couldn’t imagine going through life under-nourished, I realized that all the pills and capsules were actually diminishing my happiness—the opposite effect of why I was taking them in the first place. We are meant to eat food, not pills. The simple process of consuming, chewing and swallowing food is hardwired into us as an extremely pleasurable activity. So, shouldn’t we be getting all of our life-sustaining nutrients from food? Of course, we should, but that’s easier said than done. Many of us spend more time in traffic than we do in our kitchens—that’s just life! My struggle to maintain adequate nutrition went beyond just a long commute. I love to hike, bike, play soccer and workout, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to spend in my kitchen. We came across a new product idea, one that would change the way we nourish ourselves.  We wanted fast results, which meant that we needed the nutrition to absorb sublingually.  We also wanted something that

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